Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Stormy weather

Hello world! speaking from the Arctic !

It is really a truly special place and difficult to describe for someone who hasn’t felt its wind on its bare skin. Still I will give you a go through this blog.

Almost a week ago has passed since we left civilization last Thursday but we are still getting used to the environment.

The beautiful, even though rather cold Thursday lets us enter into the world of Artic much more easily

Right now the weather god has planned a week 14 storm on our way and after contacting the meteorologist at Longyearbyen airport, we decided to set foot for a few days until it passes.

Getting behind the largest snow wall ever built we now have some spare time to reflect up on the things that I feel personally important up here.

For a start dirty socks and smelly clothes are no reason for panic up here.

Ice in the sleeping bag on the other hand is a worry.

Communication is, just like everywhere else for it matters, key for keeping a good moral.

“So far so good” : we‘ve got the Frozen Five spirit on our side after all.

Before I return to the cleaning and repairing of the broken equipments at fifteen degrees below zero let me give you a small advice :

Live your dreams !that’s what I’m doing right now and even if I may be somehow cold and a little smelly and physically bruised from pulling around a couple of tons I ‘m still the happiest guy in the world.


PS :I ‘m even more happy from reading all your messages! thanks for all the support from around the world!

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