Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Skiing is inspiration

It is great to feel the hospitality here at the Hornsund research station. We owe everybody here at the station a big thanks. We had time to rest, eat, sleep and repair some equipment and last but not least reflect on something which I felt the last three days before reaching Hornsund research station, our first depot in southern Spitsbergen.

Skiing is inspiration

If nature speakes
You can listen to your inner self.
The landscape is in harmony
And gives us travelers the freedom we whish for.

After leafing Longyearbyen, the beauty of the landscape made my mind settle down. Since the year 2007 started, many things in my life has happened in a short while and I had hardly any time to catch up with it. As I ski along my mind is moving from one side to the other like a broom, cleaning up all the mess I left behind in my little brain. Now everything seems to just settle in the right place. Being out here on the glaciers, between the mountains sets everything in the right relation. Worries I have had are not left behind, they become small, smaller and finally disappear. They were self made or at least artificial. This is a great feeling. I love freedom and that’s what I can find out here. If my mind settles my inner voice speaks up. This inner voice of me is one of the most important things I actually own. One reason to be here skiing is to listen to that voice. The lectures I already learned by listening to that voice are one of the most important in my live. It guides me. I believe it is the truth in me that speaks up. This voice is very silent and it needs a harmonic setting to be heard. Among the glaciers, on skies and leaving nothing behind then silence, that’s the right place for me.

This journey is not an adventure, my life is the adventure. At this moment I don’t want to be anywhere else then where I am. With my five companions, in the breathtaking landscape of southern Spitsbergen and with the snowprincess in my heart.

I want to thank anyone who has helped us to make this dream of mine come true.

With the best arctic whishes

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