Sunday, April 29, 2007

The birthday mission

Many of us have a birthday at some point. Mine happened to be yesterday or the day before. Everyone were invited.
The locals : Hella, Kim, Lucas, Mats and André, and the non locals.

Well, there they came!
Four scooters lined up facing towards our camp site.
The birthday mission arrived.

You can imagine we welcomed all the things they brought but far and most of all, their coming was the greatest gift to me and will never be forgotten.

Driving two hundred kilometres in an unhabited terrain to a birthday party is not an expedition, it is a mission.

I was and I am still overwhelmed : Sigrid, Sanna, Päl and Trond celebrated with us in the best ever camping place you will find on Flatbreen or elsewhere in the universe.

They just left Northward with our best wishes for the journey, letters to our dearest and warmest thoughts.
Well there are good things happening in my life, friendship is one!

Our thoughts are with Sigrid, Sanna, Päl, and Trond. We wish you safe travel back and thank you very much!


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Der Wilderer said...

I know this bottle. Awesome ; )