Monday, April 09, 2007

Another Easter surprise

Yesterday, in the evening, we had a call from Lucas.

One thing for sure: our Frozen Five explorers are really happy and enjoying every second of their skiing trip.

They are moving fast on the map and are even a few days ahead of schedule.
The storm they went trough at the beginning didn’t stop them for long.
During the storm, they had problems because their tent wasn’t totally closed and the freezing wind got inside and froze part of their stuff.

But this misfortune left apart, they are lucky and enjoying a superb weather, very cold and sunny. The low temperatures (down to minus 30°C) ensure good snow and ice .
Their muscles are getting used to pulling the pulkas although they had one very hard day, with a continuous climbing and had to put on their crampons.
When the snow is deep and fresh, the pulka seems heavier to pull, but on hard freezing snow, they even forget their burden.

As for food, they planned extra-large! Except for Ulli who manages to finish his daily rations, the other four have too much to eat. They plan to leave their extra food at the Polish research station where they are to arrive on Monday.

They have met reindeers but no polar bears yet. The bears though, are not far : bear footprints are to be seen here and there in the snow.

Lucas is totally amazed by the awesome landscapes he and his companions are discovering everyday. Although he’s already spent some time in the Arctic, he still feels very little in front of the gigantic beauties of mountains and glaciers large as two highways brought together !

Erratum : In one of our last messages, we told you it was sometimes difficult to hear every word in Frozen Five messages: so we must confess after checking with Lucas during this conversation that the F5 actually crossed recently“Nup passet” and not passage…


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