Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter update

This is Mats from the Frozen Five delivering the blog for today!
It’s been quite hard for all of us to start again after the break. Today we were entering the Nup passage and we left the old mountains and valleys behind. As we entered this completely new area, I realized how long we had spent in the same place.

The sun has been shining today and we have done quite a good distance. and it’s been a really nice day for all of us. The weather has been really nice everyone is happy and even our dog André is going well along with us. He is actually walking freely in the camp from time to time.
We all wish you the best and a Happy Easter to everyone at home. We thank you for all the messages that we received so far and we hope we’ll hear from you soon.
Bye Bye!
PS from Sylvie : As Martin wrote, we are sometimes having problems hearing F5 voices during their phone messages. We're doing our best to update the blog!

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