Sunday, April 08, 2007

Behind the scene 2

FYI (For Your Information):

Martin (yes, the one who is also behind the daily maps and progress, so we can follow Frozen Five in almost real time) found yesterday some other blogs mentioning the expedition. I'm taking the liberty to post the links here:

100th blog of Laurel (photographer- ecologist- journalist- healthcare researching- animal wrangler) with some nice photos taken when the expedition started.

Guardian Mobility blog posted on the 1st February 2007 in the connection with the tracer testing during the Frozen Five preparation trip in France.

Northern Waterways blog posted on the 28th March 2007 with general information about the expedition and its start.

Thanks, Martin!

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Ford Prefect said...

Really like the mapping. Drop me a line sometime via email: anandi AT guardianmobility DOT com. I'm curious to know if the data is being sent in real-time and how you did the link from our message server to Google maps.