Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A night at Hornsund Palace

A quick message from Hornsund Research Station : yes! Even here in the middle of the Arctic desert, Internet brings everyone close!

We got here on monday in the late afternoon and people welcomed us warmly.

Ten minutes after we got in, they served us a full hot meal!!!

Hornsund is a rather small research base. Only eight people live here during the winter, twelve at the moment.

The Polish scientists are very friendly and greeting us very warmly. It's a great pleasure to get to know them. Life here is so different from Longyearbyen.

It is a unique opportunity for us to be here, to meet these people and share a little bit of their lives and activities.
The Hornsund area is totally forbidden to snow scooters and tourists. There are only scientits around.

I looked at the blogs and Iwant to thank the support team for all they are doing updating them. It feels great for us to to have all this information network around our expedition!

I just loved the "Swiss pools" story !!! (NB :support team members spent a few hours on that one!) I also checked the web site and the number of visitors is up to 700 per day this week!

I 'm falling asleep so I guess I'll go to bed now. Everything is going so well, it sounds too good to be true... Things might get a little tougher around thursday, as there is a storm forecast with a 30 knots wind!

Kim is going to try to send some pictures but I'm not sure the Internet connexion will let them get through.

NB from support team: Kim's pictures did get through, you just discovered the first ones!