Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The time has come…

The last day before a long expedition is always something special. For some, it’s the last day that many things can be done that need to be done for the expedition itself. For others, this day is the last time you can experience things that will be impossible to experience during the ski trip. Like a hot shower. Or playing innebandy.

Over the past few days, the whole F5 team has been tying up loose ends, mostly in terms of preparing our equipment. Making the tent storm-proof, the sledges snowdrift-proof and the kite flyable all take their time and effort. And at least once a day someone forgets something that still needs to be bought at the shop (eg woolen underwear).

Still, we try to keep the preparation as light-hearted as possible, with all the stress around it’s easy to become disoriented on what the important things on our trip are. To have fun, and see a bit of Svalbard while we’re at it. This is why we also try to make the evenings a little bit more light-hearted, with cake & coffee (sorry, we forgot to bring the coffee up to Nybyen) evenings for both our “Longyearbyen support team” (these hardy Arctic folks can drive to our rescue at practically any point on the trip, to bring us fresh fruit, a new ski or maybe a newspaper ;) and the “foodpacking slaves” (thanks so much again. And again!). One more night to sleep in Longyearbyen and then we’re off. If we make it out of town on the first day though ;)

Don’t despair though, this blog will remain updated throughout our journey, thanks to our satellite phone.


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