Thursday, March 22, 2007

Himalayan gear from Sir Joseph

When we leave Longyearbyen next week for the grand traverse, the first thing that will hit us is the week 14 storm. This strange phenomenon has bruised many expeditions in each of the last three years, and we cannot really expect to be spared by an Arctic storm, be it in week 14 or at some other time. This is why we’re extremely happy to have Sir Joseph gear in our pulks, some of the best designed down products made.

The Czech brand Sir Joseph was set up by Josef Rakoncaj, perhaps the best-known Czech Himalayan climber with a reputation that speaks for itself. Since 1972, he has been making down products for his own expeditions to the world’s highest peaks and it thus should not be surprising that these are some of the warmest, most comfortable and well thought-out products you can buy. For more information on the brand, visit the official website.

The Frozen Five team kindly thanks Sir Joseph for providing us with discounted down jackets, a sleeping bag and gloves.

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