Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Anorak!

Finally I managed to put the last peaces of my anorak together. An anorak is a jacket with a big hood and a short front zipper. Some people wonder why I make some of my clothes instead of buying them. However, it’s really hard to find a winter jacket that I like and almost impossible to find one made out of cotton, so it’s not really an option to buy one. I have already tried it during an eight day winter trip course I hold a week and a half ago. During the course we experienced temperatures almost down to -20ÂșC and winds just over 10 m/s, and I really loved the anorak and the big hood with the wind tunnel that protects your face. The anorak is made out of Ventile, wind and to some extent waterproof cotton fabric, with reinforcements at the shoulders of Action Cordura, and at the bottom of Reflective Cordura. (Cordura material where provided by Shelby.) The design is almost home-made with some inspiration from KlĂ€ttermusen and Arc’teryx.

(photo: Anna-Lisa Wrange)


Anonymous said...

That is completely cool Mats!

commonground said...

That anorak gives me a kick. I need to replace my 20 years old Berghaus pullover anorak and have been thinking for a long time in doing it myself. Just need to find the right fabric. Thanks.