Friday, March 02, 2007

Getting the gear ready

Over the past few months, Ulli's postbox in Longyearbyen has been steadily receiving parcels from around the world with various pieces of equipment for the Frozen Five expedition. The supply of food, mostly from the Czech Republic and France (yummy), has been so sustained that Ulli hasn't even managed to eat it all, giving us a slight chance that some of the 60kg of chocolate will still be left for the actual expedition!

Last week, one of the fundamental building blocks of the expedition's equipment list arrived in three very large boxes. The expedition "pulkas", or sledges, arrived from our sponsor Fjellpulken, who have kindly provided us with a discount on their expedition model. Each expedition member will have his/her own pulk, pulling all the gear for the 11 week voyage. The actual load will depend on our food/fuel consumption and will always be heaviest at the start of the individual legs, when we will be picking up additional supplies. The heaviest load is predicted to be around 80-90kg per person, the weight of a reasonably-sized adult.

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