Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Who let the dog out

Inspiration sought from the outside world.
This blog is anything but philosophical, funny or informative, but at least it's interactive.
For once you get to do the work for us (we are too busy skiing to reach Verlegenhuken).

What's the deal. An educational movie for 12 year old high school students is under construction up here and it needs the great starting scene. For always captivating beginning will keep attention of the class full of kids. For the scene is vitally important we've decided to get all the inspiration we can handle from the outside world - by holding a competition for the best opening introduction.

If you are still interested (and you should be) here are the details:
The movie evolves around Andre our dear four legged companion. Unsurprisingly the movie therefore starts in Longyearbyen dog yard, from where Andre leaves on his great adventure.

The big question and the task for you is what Andre is thinking at precisely this moment.

Contacting informations:
Andre's thoughts can be submitted via mail ( provided they don't exceed ~160 characters. Send multiple e-mails if necessary and don't forget to include your name. The winner will be announced from the 1June and a suitable price will be found by then as well - maybe we'll name a mountain after you.

However as with the Olympics winning is half as much fun as playing.
Thanks in advance for all your efforts.

Who let the dog out film crew

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