Tuesday, May 08, 2007

North through the night

There is no sound, no noise at all,
Only the snow groans from dusk till dawn,
Where is the dusk where is the dawn ?
The midnight sun grows shadows tall.

There is no time, the clock is gone,
the darkness sleeps, don't turn it on,
I dream of none, yet I dream of all,
Is this my life, the Arctic call ?

There is no night the hours bright,
How does one sleep through this light ?
My eyes close, they block the glow,
A good day's sleep charges the soul.

Where is my mind, what are my thoughts ?
I think of wind, I think of snow, of storms,
Of humble lives, of eternity,
of fractures dreams, of naivety,

Of things to come, of dusk and dawn,
Of love, of peace, of space for all,
Of bitterness, of tenderness,
of loneliness and happiness.

I ski North, facing the sun,
The muscles soar, the steps are done;
The world sleeps, yet I march on,
The glaciers weep, the winter's gone.

All stars vanished, the skies are blue,
Day and night, a strange kind of blue.
All snow glistens in the magic light,
While I ponder the meaning of life.

The whys, the hows,
With the whom, who knows ?
The path of life, it rarely slows
My brain may think, my heart knows.

This is my place, my humble home,
The midnight sun is like a dome,
Protecting me, I'm not alone,
The Arctic lives, the dark be gone.



Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful :-)

Enjoy life up there !

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful poem!
I´m a jazz-singer and I write my own songs. Would you mind me putting a melody to your poem?
Say hello to Mats from me!