Sunday, May 27, 2007

The missing list

Expecting a poem ? or maybe a philosophical reflection on a journey across the biggest icecap Svalbard has to offer ? Well forget it!

Perhaps I am just not inspired by ski endless miles along a skidoo track or perhaps I just want to raise a few smiles in the computer script, and what is more suitable to make the world a happier place then my top ten list of the small things I miss on this trip?
Things so common it is hard to imagine they may be missed.

10) fried cheese, French fries, and infinite supply of mayonnaise; it would be a big lie to say good food preferably with a good (Czech) beer is not missed.

9) After sun lotion :It is easy to get sunburned with 24 hours day light especially if you ski around in boxers like me, but where is the pharmacy when you need one?

8) A chair : You would not believe how nice it is to sit down, lean back and enjoy the view. Next trip, I am taking a chair with me!

7) A good library :After 2 months of Stephan Gay Gould’s “Natural History essays”, my eyes begin to roll when I see the worlds “Darwin” or “evolution” one more time. will I say anymore?

6) Colours :Lucas’s bright green trousers, 20 different shades of white, and the red of Ulli’s down jacket, won’t quite cut it for a sensual frenzy, hey will they?

5) An electric kettle (with diesel generator). If I could spend my evening time thinking of how to save the world instead of melting snow our problems would have been solved twice over and the sound a kettle makes is so elegant.

4) Jakusi :Showers are boring but a Jakusi to soothe the muscles and warm the body wood be heaven sent. I wonder if there is one at Verlegenhuken.

3) Oxford English dictionary :At a non native Punch it is often tricky to decide which words are still real and which are not. You could always make a campfire if it gets too heavy.

2) Something else then porridge for breakfast. However lovingly prepared the porridge is in the morning even if delivered right in the sleeping bag (thanks to Lucas + Ulli) it is still porridge for the 56rd day in a row…

1) Innebandy (also known as unihoc or floorball):Last but not least, all that know me well will understand that being without a plastic stick and a ball for an extended period is down right torture.

Have a great time, cherish this huge list needs of mine and I will keep myself busy with enjoying the things of here that I miss when I’m home like snow, porridge, and a spiritual connection with nature.

Until next time,


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