Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A dog’s diary

So here I am, a Greenlander dog on a trip. It seems like a long trip, no one has told me for how long we will be out. But the word expedition seems to be a long word and a long word makes a long trip, I guess.

An expedition! Bah, all these guys do is slow motion skiing. If it would be me and my dogyard friends, we would have been at the North pole and back by now.

All day long, I have to pull this heavy pulka that someone named Fiffi and this guy Ulli who also pretends to pull this pulka, his bones and legs are always in way of my view. And when you want to have a look in front, he always shouts : “back” to me and I have to go back in his track.

It’s good that this girl is with us on this trip. At least someone that cuddles me. Well, the others do as well from time to time but it would be easier if they all could speak in one language. Or do they think I speak all languages of the world?

There are some good stuff as well. Food twice a day and small snacks whenever I find some left-over crumbles in the snow. Or when I found a whole “swebar” :yummy, “pure energy for everybody”. So I do not understand why they were so upset.

It’s like when they tried to make me bark at the polar bear at Vagabond. The other dogs were barking so I didn’t bother; Of course I would bark if a polar bear would try to steal my food but otherwise, no. I’m not a barking dog at all.

Just a few days ago I thought I was in heaven. I had a seal for dinner. The nice guy in Austfjordneset offered me seal meat, the best ever : a seal skull!

I have to go now, there is a stone sticking up a bit ahead and I’m going to pee on it! Even if Ulli disagrees since I will drive the pulka the wrong way. It would be easier if he headed for the stone right away.



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