Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Logos for the Frozen Five

A project as large as our own obviously requires a memorable, well designed and informative logo. Over the past year of preparations and planning, our friends have designed several excellent motives based on the overall Svalbard theme. The various entries to the unofficial “Frozen Five Logo Competition” are displayed throughout the blog.

Since we were so pleased with all the designs, we’ll be using most of them for some purpose or other. Our colourful map-based logo will remain in use in our digital publications, where an abundance of colour is not restrictive. The polar bear head, designed by Jiří “Brko” Červinka, suits itself well to promote our URL and the Frozen Five adventure component. You should be able to find it on our pulkas as we leave Longyearbyen. The unofficial winner of the unofficial competition, and the logo that will be worn on the heart of the team members as we ski out of Longyearbyen, was designed by Ulli’s arty sister Anke. It illustrates the circular nature of our trip remarkably well, and includes the sharp peaks that Spitsbergen got its name from (In “Barents-Dutch” Spits = sharp, berg = mountain).

Thanks to you all!


Unknown said...

Tout dabord bonjour a tous ;)
Je suis un élève du lycée Charles De Gaulles de Compiègne ( Oise ) en 2nde 4 .
J'ai beaucoup aimé la petite présentation de votre projet présenté par de Lucas GIRARD qui est venu aujourd'hui , ce 23 février 2007.
Bonne chance pour cette aventure intriguant et a la fois "Fou" comme Lucas l'a dit ^^ .
Cordialement , Victor HAZARD

Annette said...

Tout comme mon camarade Victor,j'ai suivi avec intéret l'intervention de Lucas Girard dans notre établissement!!Toutes ses explications m'ont fasciné et m'ont fait réver!!J'espère en tout cas que votre "aventure" se passera bien!!
Bonne chance à vous cinq et amusez vous bien(ou travaillez bien,c'est comme vous voulez!!!)
Amicalement,Anne Boulogne,élève de seconde au lycée Charles de Gaulle.

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