Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Heaps of Chocolate

After a week of intensive preparation, the Frozen Five left the sunny and warm weather of France to head back to their duties (except Lucas of course). Apart from skiing across the Vercors mountains, we became experts in list writing last week, we are setting up new records in that domain, with our dozens of ‘Todo’, safety and food lists!!

Talking about the food, I have to say that figuring out the right amount of chocolate to bring on the expedition was an extremely tricky thing! Chocolate is a vital need to our team members and I’m sure that most of them would not even get out of their sleeping bag if we ran out of chocolate!! After a complex calculation, our hungry food-masters Hella and Mats came up with a reasonable result of 60kg!

Hella, who had an extra day to enjoy France, joined Lucas and Marine for a little rock-climbing adventure, on an easy-sunny 100m route in the Chartreuse mountains. After spending the whole day in tshirt Hella concluded (in her best kiwi slang) this was good training for Svalbard: “It’s great matey, we’re accumulating heaps of heat before we freeze our butts!”


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