Friday, December 01, 2006

Sponsorship by Shelby!

We are proud to present our first full sponsorship partner: Shelby. Shelby will provide us with nice 100% merino wool 1st layer long sleaves! For activities in a cold climate merino wool is the very best option to have close to your skin. Wool have an exceptional capacity to keep you warm for a long period with out the unpleasant smell that use develop after a few days in synthetic 1st layer clothing’s. You might think that wool would be too itchy to have as 1st layer. However, the nice thing about merino wool is that it doesn’t itch at all! Merino wool is also, according to Mats, the best material for boxers both in arctic conditions and in warmer conditions like Australian rainforests!
Shelby provides heavy gear fabrics for all outdoor activities and will soon also start providing clothing’s. Since Mats likes to make his own skiing jackets and trousers he ordered some fabrics for reinforcements on knees, shoulders and bum from Shelby (Action Cordura and Reflective Cordura®).


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