Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Frozen Five at AGU

This week, the Frozen Five education & outreach project was unveiled in the largest gathering of geoscientists in history, the Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU). With about 15,000 registrants, and keynote speakers of Al Gore's (made famous through the movie documentary "An inconvenient truth", apart from having been "the next president of the USA") calibre, the scene was perfect to present our project.

Kim attended the week-long conference, presenting a Frozen Five poster as part of an "Education & Outreach during the IPY" session. Through the positive comments the poster generated, and the liaison with other IPY projects, we aim to make as many high school students aware of our expedition by the end of February. The website, which will shortly include an educational component, will serve as a reference point for all global students, without geographic restrictions to the schools where we plan post-expedition talks.

Needless to say, the AGU poster will be available for download in the media section shortly. Greetings from San Francisco!


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