Friday, December 01, 2006

Sponsorship by Göteborgs Kex!

When you set out on expeditions, big or small, it’s of great importance that you have enough of cookies and biscuits with you. We estimate that we will eat three packets of cookies per day. That makes 210 packets for the whole trip! Well don’t worry; we will have loots of chocolate, nuts and dried fruit as well! The famous Swedish cookie producer Göteborgs Kex has promised to help us out with the cookie problem. However, it’s not an easy task to decide which cookies you will take with us. Kim’s favourite is the plain old Guld Marie (produced since 1888!!!), Ulli would rather take the Brago Pepparkaka (ginger style) while Mats and Lucas likes the Safari Cookies best. But all in all it’s about the calories inside. The higher energy/weight ratio the better =)


Anonymous said...

I love those cookies! Where can you get them in the United States, or online??? I need to know!!

Anonymous said...

They are in the IKEA shop