Monday, June 11, 2007

The Sound and The Silence

There is something that's hard to imagine when you are back home, things, that makes us, make so much of our daily life up here without even us noticing it and when you notice it, you suddenly understand, that it is special. Sounds are one of these things. The sound of the skis on hard snow, in soft snow or in molten snow. All are different sounds, even my left and right ski makes different sound. The sound of the ski poles and the knirkling sound of the pulka shaft. The wind that makes your jacket to vibrate or makes the snow drift. Or the sound of the stove that sometimes tells you that you need to come up the trasher again. All these are different sounds that make our daily life such that wouldn't have been noticed in a city or a place where human activity is high.

Then we have the silence, the silence, that suddenly appears when there is no wind and everyone is sleeping except you. The overwhelming silence, that makes your own blood circulation to be a high sound within your ear. This silence is hard to find anywhere else. It's a complete silence, so nice, it feels like vacuum.

I hope everyone one day will have the pleasure to hear this silence and also the sound, that skiing create.


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Anonymous said...

well, silence we create in our head, depends on head condition, you can easily make your brain out of everything even if you are in a city in a park in a car, when you seet, walk, sleep (try to sleep), TRY IT!!!!! it realy works :-)