Sunday, June 17, 2007

Home sweet home!

We made it back home! Hard to believe, but the trip has come to an end as we reached our point of departure, after 77days of travelling! Mission accomplished, we have been around Spitsbergen exploring over 1000km of arctic wilderness.

As soon as we reached the small road leading to Longyearbyen, we were first welcomed by the local press, for an interview. Then many friends joined us to walk the last hundred metres together and share a few beers.

It's actually been 3 days that we have arrived but we have been very busy celebrating until now :) (Great party at the beach yesterday!!)

Thanks everyone for a great welcome home! and thanks for all the mails! Pictures will soon follow (to be choosen among 5000 of them)

The big project is over, it's a bit sad in a way. But is it really over ? No I don't believe so, this is only the beginning! We came back from this long trip with a lot of experiences and it's now time to share them with friends and public. My head is full of new projects and ideas. I don't feel like I have seen it all, I know there is much more to experience and discover out there! No seriously, nothing is over, it's only beginning!

Lucas for the FrozenFive

A link to UNIS news about us

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