Sunday, June 03, 2007

Diary from Asgarbfonna

An other day on Asgarbfonna

On this icecap in the north of Spitzbergen, it is our third day of progression

In my last blog I wrote about the summer, about walking in T-shirt, and laying in the grass…
Well, now we see another side of svalbardian summer. Blue clouds hanging above the island, and since we are on one of the highest area, we are in the middle of the cloud.
The humidity together with the wind blowing over this endless white area makes everything else then T-shirt well come.

The whiteness is only broken by some view a few times otherwise the only thing that are introducing some variety in this continuous infinity are some shout like “one step to the left !” and “ppc” and “five minutes brake !”
These shouts are the most strandard words for us now after 2 months of skiing out there: every half hour the Pole Position Change (this is what ppc stand for), the first one, le leader making the track in some time heavy snow changing to the back and every hour we have a five minute brake lasting about 10 minutes in average and the other shout are for navigation from the first person in the row who check the course with the compass and direct the whole group. Like this we walk for hours and hours in the cloud on our way home. My thoughts wander out in the past as well as in the future, thinking of people that I met, thinking of my life with day dreaming on the future of how it will be nice to get home, to have a cup of coffee with my family at home or a beer with my friends or other trips I will make in the summer.

But now I am here on Asgarbfonna and even if the skiing is heavy some time and we are stuck in clouds, I am happy to be here and the thought of wishing to be somewhere else is absurd; and after every bad weather follow good weather and the midnight sun warms us and when the cloud disappear we can see the beautiful crown of mountain.


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