Monday, January 29, 2007

Frozen Five all together!

The whole Frozen Five team has met up in Grenoble for a 1-week preparation trip in the Vercors range of south-eastern France. The trip will take us over a karst landscape, with many fissures and joints being good alternatives to the crevasses we expect on Svalbard’s glaciers. Sleeping in our brand-new Hilleberg tents, skiing on our fresh Asnes skis and being together with the rest of the team will for sure bring up the expedition spirit.

The trip is also a second test run for our tracer, provided by Guardian Mobility, that will allow our readers to follow our progress. A daily transmission will provide the position of the tent. You can see the beta version of this system by clicking here. We welcome any comments.

As funny as it sounds, we’ll be simulating various scenarios that may be encountered on our trans-Svalbard expedition. Amongst others, we’ll simulate polar bear encounters (who gets to be the bear?), something that may seem funny in the context of the European Alps, but is a serious danger in the High Arctic.

More to follow next week…

The Frozen Five Team

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